Not so terrible twos

My big boy just turned two. That’s a scary thought. I have now been a mom for over two years. Nonetheless, it is not as scary as the fact than sooner rather than later he’ll be a teenager and I will have to deal with testosterone peaks and girlfriend drama.  But for now, I will just enjoy my two year old, pretend the terrible two’s don’t exist and show you some pictures of his birthday party.


As the evidence shows, the theme was Disney’s Cars 2. I really don’t like using specific characters when planning a party and I prefer to do most of the decorations myself. This time around, I had to give in as I had just had a baby and had been in Jakarta for just a little over two weeks before Evan’s birthday.  Since Cars is currently très fashionable it was easy enough to find lots of party supplies.


It was a small party with about 10 kids and their parents. For the menu we had an array of hors d’oeuvres including a cheese tray, fruit, veggie sticks, bruschetta, mini-pizzas and spring rolls, we’re in Asia after all.


I made a fondant cake and sugar cookies shaped as trophies, cars and the number two. When the time came for Evan to blow the candle he got a bit scared of the flame but blew it anyway.


The Cars tent was a success with kids and parents alike and everybody left happy with their goody bag full of Cars knick-knacks and candy I’m sure will be consumed by the parents rather than the kids. Image

Josh was excited to see so much movement and stayed up for most of the party.


All in all, it was a success in that Evan had a great time and actually realized that it was all about him that day.


11 thoughts on “Not so terrible twos

  1. Happy Birthday!! You have such a great sense of design. You should make it into your career! 🙂 Lovely party and Evan is such a lucky boy!! I can’t believe you planned a birthday party only a couple of weeks after you returned to Jakarta with a new born. Amazing. Great job, mom!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since the Bob the Builder birthday party! And you have two boys now! If we ever end up in the same city again we will have some wild play dates with all of our little boys. I’m glad you all are liking Jakarta. Miss you!

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  6. that seems like a perfect birthday party! i am in love with your blog. again, a little help needed, thats a perfect fondant cake u made there, but how did you colour the borders? and did you make your own fondant?

    • Thanks Isbah! I made my own fondant. It is the marshmallow based fondant. I used gel colors to color the fondant and kneaded until my arms were about to fall! They sell good colored fondant in Fatmawati. I like the flavor of the marshmallow fondant better, but it is still quite good.

  7. thanks 🙂 ah we were once stuck in fatmawati for so long, i’d better make my own fondant 😛 yes i’ve seen the marshmallow based fondant tutorials on youtube, wanted to give it a try, lets see if i can get hold of the gel colours, otherwise white would do or i guess buttercream isnt a bad option either.

    • Yeah, fatmawati can get crazy!!! The marshmallow recipe is very simple, it’s just labor intensive. Try Toko Ani, again. They deliver!!! =) Buttercream is my all-time favorite, though! Happy baking!

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