The Land of the Tot

We love the nature of our nomadic lifestyle. We love living overseas and moving around every few years.  Raising kids in such a transient and dynamic environment can be challenging sometimes. That’s why we make sure we provide consistency and stability for the kids at home.

One of our priorities as soon was we move into a new place is setting up the kid’s room. We try to bring with us as many familiar objects as we can so that they can feel at “home” as soon as possible and for them to recognize a space as their own.

Since we first moved to Jakarta, we settled Evan into his room; at first with his travel cot and later in a crib. Evan has now transitioned out of the crib into a toddler bed. My mom gave it to him as a Christmas present and he loves it! The first night he slept there, we were expecting a little intruder in our bedroom, or a very sleepy toddler who had played all night. Gratefully, none of those scenarios came true.

Evan loves his “big boy” room. He climbs up his bed when he’s tired and enjoys sitting in the bed and playing. He has a new mini-library that’s perfect for him to have all his toys and books at arm’s reach.

If you ever move to Indonesia, you will find that the distribution of space in the housing is very odd. Evan’s room is half the size of Joshua’s room and it only has a tiny window. However, it just works for him. It’s the perfect sized toddler room and he spends hours and hours playing there.

We are not yet done decorating his room. It’s still missing artwork and photos but it’s a work in progress. Again, we had Ibu Nifa make curtains for his room. We just bought curtains that matched the bedding and she modified them to fit the floor to ceiling window.

Voilá, Evan’s room, until the next move.

10 thoughts on “The Land of the Tot

  1. I like the new look you have on your blog! Evan’s room is sooo cute! I love the way you decorated with chic colors. Your kids are so lucky to have parents who are good with interior design! 🙂

  2. Hi Kaho, look who’s talking! Your kids have a mom with amazing taste! You did a great job in your house! We are still working on Joshua’s room and on the TV Room. I hope to find a good theme for Joshua’s room so we can keep it for a few years… And, yeah, it’s hard moving around, but as long as mom and dad are there for them, it’s possible.

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