Short Getaway: Puncak

Puncak is a little piece of Mountain Paradise a couple of hours south of Jakarta.  You can find all kinds of hotels and villas for as little as 15 to 20 USD a night up to 100 USD is you want to stay at a higher end facility.

Although Puncak is only 90 KMs away from Jakarta, it is sometimes takes up to 5 or 6 hours to get there due to heavy traffic and the fact that the roads up the mountain sometimes remain closed for one-way traffic. If you are lucky to get there when the traffic is going on the direction you intend, then you’ve made it. Otherwise, you might have to wait for over an hour sitting in your car waiting for the direction to change.

Filled with beautiful tea plantations and gorgeous botanical gardens Puncak is a nice little getaway spot that will allow you to breathe some fresh air and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Big Durian. Our favorite spots to visit in Puncak include Taman Safari, a fun driver-thru zoo with very amicable and hungry animals you can feed and a nice play area for children; Taman Bunga Nusantara, a flower garden with beautiful botanical displays, rides for the little ones and lots of room for the kids to run around; and the Tea Plantations, in particular Genung Mas Tea Plantation and Factory.

We usually rent a villa and although we sometimes go out to eat, we love cooking at the villa and taking advantage of all the fresh produce that you are able to find on the sides of the roads. We like to buy the fresh corn, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, bananas and strawberries. We do bring meat products from Jakarta as well as bread and spices to prepare the food alongside all the little things we know the kids like and need, such as their snacks, baby cereal, and some fruits, such as grapes and apples. Since there aren’t many super markets available it is advisable to bring all your basics with you and just buy the nice fresh fruits and vegetables in Puncak.

Buying fresh vegetables on the side of the road


If you feel like you need a breath of fresh air, don’t hesitate to come to Puncak, even if it just for a day!

10 thoughts on “Short Getaway: Puncak

      • I was born here and this is my native country. We had a lovely house called “Misty Valley” (They might change the name) just down after Puncak Pass restaurant where my dad and I used to come for lunches. They have some great bitterballens (potatoe meatballs) My house was that with a very very large garden and fir trees… You won’t missed it. I loved walking through the tea plantation … Glad I came by your post…This really brings back my childhood memories Thank you 🙂

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