{BarcelonaForKids} La Boqueria

{BarcelonaForKids} La Boqueria

Back to our Barca adventures before the kids are teenagers and I forget what it was like when they were cute and cuddly. During our stay in Barcelona we visited many kid friendly sites such as the Parc Guell,the Aquarium, and the Mountain of Montjuic. I still have a couple more places to share with … Continue reading

{Review} Le Petit Society

I never thought the day would come when Evan would start picking his outfits. After all, he is a very boyish boy and his obsession with cars, trucks, and anything that emits a growling sound has always superseded his care for what’s clothing his body. Lately he has become more aware of the different outfitting … Continue reading

The Blessing of Individuality

Scenario: Two little boys playing rough. They both fall down on the padded playmat. Boy #1: Stands up, laughs and says “that was funny”. Boy #2: Waaahhhhhhhh Today I’m at World Mom’s Blog talking about how different and unique Evan and Joshua are. Join me there and share how different or similar your kids are!